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Welcome to SCRI

SCRI is a Scottish success story. We are the bridge between rural production and urban wellbeing. We have an unrivalled track record of delivering innovative knowledge, products and services that enrich the Scottish and UK economies.

SCRI is active in 30 countries supporting sustainable development and the production of healthy, natural food. Learn more about SCRI.

Read about plans for Scotland's New Institute -
The James Hutton Institute

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Safety exercise

Safety exercise

Staff at SCRI regularly take part in safety exercises involving other agencies including the fire brigade.


What's New

  • New roles for SCRI Director
  • Professor Peter Gregory has been appointed Chief Executive of East Malling Research (EMR) and will simultaneously take on the role of Professor of Global Food Security at the University of Reading.

  • SCRI - A history
  • A special history of SCRI was produced along with the 2010 Annual Report to mark the end of SCRI before it joined with Macaulay Land Use Research Institute in April 2011 to create The James Hutton Institute.

  • International Workshop on Barley Leaf Blights
  • Online booking is now open for the Fourth International Workshop on Barley Leaf Blights to be hosted in Dundee this June.


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SCRI Research


Image showing Scots pine trees

Preserving and utilising the variety of the world’s species.


Image showing the Centre for Sustainable Cropping - Balruddery

Designing arable systems for food security and a healthy environment.

Climate Change

Image of Scotland map showing temperature changes

Effective responses to the impacts of environmental change.

Wealthier and Healthier

Image of Glen Fyne raspberries

Working to improve prosperity and health through better food.