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Tracy Valentine

Programme: Environment Plant Interactions


DD2 5DA.

Tel: +44(0) 1382 560017 (direct line)



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Current Research

  • Root trait responses to soil physical conditions, including changes in border cell production, exudate production, changes in root meristem and overall root structure.  
  • Variation in responses to physical constraints between barley mutants and cultivars.
  • Genetic controls of border cell production.
  • Utilisation of confocal microscopy and computer vision techniques to develop tools for measuring cell expansion and root elongation.

Research History

  • Movement, replication and suppression of Tobacco mosaic virus and Tobacco rattle virus in tobacco and Arabidopsis.  Utilisation of Tobacco rattle virus as a vector for inducing gene silencing of endogenous root development genes (Mylnefield Research Services).
  • Growth and development effects of cell wall carbohydrates (University College London).

Recent Publications

  • Bengough, A.G., Hans, J., Bransby, M.F., and Valentine, T.A. 2009. PIV as a method for quantifying root cell growth and particle displacement in confocal images. Microscopy Research and Technique (in press).
  • Roberts, T.J., McKenna, S.J., Du, C.J., Wuyts, N., Valentine, T.A., and Bengough, A.G. 2009. Estimating the motion of plant root cells from in vivo confocal laser scanning microscopy images. Machine Vision and Applications. (doi: 10.1007/s00138-009-0207-x)
  • Valentine, T.A., Randall, E., Wypijewski, K., Chapman, S., Jones, J.T., and Oparka, K.J. 2007. Delivery of macromolecules to plant parasitic nematodes using a tobacco rattle virus vector. Plant Biotechnology Journal 5, 827-834.
  • Bengough, A.G., Bransby, M.F., Hans, J., McKenna, S.J., Roberts, T.J., and Valentine, T.A. 2006. Root responses to soil physical conditions; growth dynamics from field to cell. Journal of Experimental Botany 57, 437-447.
  • Valentine, T.A., Shaw, J., Blok, V.C., Phillips, M.S., Oparka, K.J., and Lacomme, C. 2005. Efficient virus-induced gene silencing in roots using a modified tobacco rattle virus vector. Plant Physiology 136, 3999-4009.
  • Humphris, S.N., Bengough, A.G., Griffiths, B.S., Killham, K., Rodger, S., Stubbs, V., Valentine, T.A., and Young, I.M. 2005. Root cap influences root colonisation by Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25 on maize. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 54, 123-130.
  • Valentine, T.A., Roberts, I.M., and Oparka, K.J. 2002. Inhibition of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in lateral roots is dependant on the propagation of a meristem-derived signal. Protoplasma 219, 184-196.
  • Gillespie, T., Boevink, P., Haupt, S., Roberts, A.G., Toth, R., Valentine, T.A., Chapman, S.N., and Oparka, K.J. 2002. Functional analysis of a DNA-shuffled movement protein reveals that microtubules are dispensable for the cell-to-cell movement of tobacco mosaic virus. Plant Cell 14, 1207-1222.