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Robbie Waugh

Programme Leader: Genetics


DD2 5DA,
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44(0) 1382 562731 (switchboard)



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Current Research

  • We aim to develop and exploit genomics and informatics technologies and resources, in conjunction with traditional skills in genetics and plant breeding, to identify genes underlying both simple and complex traits.
  • We are particularly interested in exploiting natural genetic variation via the development and application of appropriate technologies and applying them to appropriate genetic materials. In particular, we are exploring the potential of Association Genetics in barley using highly parallel SNP genotyping in an attempt to identify genes / loci in elite barley germplasm that control traits manuipulated by UK breeders.
  • We are conducting a program of research to genetically characterise the majority of the morphological and developmental variation that has been described in barley by mapping c. 1000 well characterised mutants.  This forward genetics approach is complemented by a well established reverse genetics resource (Barley Dis-TILLING population).
  • We are investigating the genetic complexity of the barley transcriptome by expression QTL mapping in in a reference barley population and exploring whether patterns of gene expression can be used as a surrogate to dissect complex traits. Our current focus is on networks of genes that are differentially expressed in this population in response to pathogen infection.
  • We are centrally involved in barley structural genomics through extensive BAC end sequencing and linking BAC contigs to the barley genetic map.

Recent Publications

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  • Moragues, M., Comadran, J., Waugh, R., Milne, I., Flavell, A., Russell, J. 2009. Effects of ascertainment bias and marker number on estimations of barley diversity from high throughput SNP genotype data. Theoretical and Applied Genetics (in press).
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