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Image of a scientist at work in the laboratorySCRI scientists have access to almost 5,000 m2 of fully-equipped, high-quality laboratory facilities. A rolling refurbishment programme ensures that the facilities at SCRI continue to support our high standards of research. In addition to the laboratory facilities, 2,500 m2 of office space is used by researchers and support staff.

SCRI has 215 hectares of land, mostly free draining, rising from 15 to 140 m above sea level, adjacent to the laboratory complex and which is available for field experiments. Supplementary water for irrigation is provided from boreholes. There is a total of over 11,000 m2 glasshouse accommodation on site, most of it with heating and supplementary lighting to provide year-round growing conditions.

For more closely controlled conditions, there are over 90 growth cabinets and walk-in rooms of varying capacity totalling c. 700 m2 floor area.

There are various units at the institute which specialise in certain areas to assist the employees and students in their tasks: